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Burny Games

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Our team is on the path to creating an amazing and diverse portfolio of games. We are working hard to polish and deliver the most exciting experiences to our players.

Playdoku Mobile Game



Challenging block puzzle game with daily exercise for your mind. Match blocks by completing lines and squares, solve puzzles, and get a high score.

playdoku phone app
Colorwood Sort
Colorwood Sort Mobile Game

Colorwood Sort


Dive into the enchanting world of Colorwood Sort! Immerse yourself in an engaging sorting experience that brings color to life through tactile vibrations.

colorwood sort phone app
About Burny Games

Who we are

We love games. We play games. We create games.

Burny Games was established in 2022 with the idea of building a great workplace culture to bring together great people who are passionate about the games.

We believe that games are a shared experience between the creators and the players. Our team treats the games like a combination of art and science to build that kind of connection. With that in mind, we encourage bold ideas, creativity, and a scientific approach while making exceptional games for everyone.


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Our games are crafted from unique design and top notch technology, just like our team

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