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Our games are crafted from unique design and top-notch technology, just like our team.

Job Openings

User Acquisition Manager

The User Acquisition Manager is a skilled professional with experience working with Google Ads, Unity, AppLovin, and Facebook. This role involves taking over traffic management and working with large volumes of data to build the most effective user acquisition strategy.

Quality Assurance Engineer (manual)

Skilled Quality Assurance Engineer (manual) to join our team and help us develop various products. You will be responsible for the creation, development and implementation of software tests to validate that the software conforms to business or product specifications.

Unity Animator-Integrator

The Unity Animator-Integrator at Burny Games bridges the gap between our creative and development teams. They have a deep knowledge in animation and integration, letting us enhance the gaming experience and sync with our games' visual goals and performance scores.

Playable Ads Developer Position

Our Playable Ads developer at Burny Games is an innovative individual who excels at creating interactive and attractive promo that capture the essence of our games. The number one goal is to create playable ads that resonate with our diverse audiences worldwide and force install rate and retention indexes of our games through combining player insights with marketing strategy.

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