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The history of creation Playdoku

Burny’s quality

Our company has a unique approach to work that sets us apart and gives us an edge in creating top-notch games. The success of Playdoku is a testament to our approach and the outstanding results it produces. But before we talk about the development process, let's discuss our philosophy and what we mean by "quality."

We strive to strike a balance between financial performance, player satisfaction, and the creative/development process. By combining our business goals with the creative vision of our team, we can achieve exceptional results. We're not afraid to take risks, experiment with new ideas, and challenge conventions. Creativity is essential, but we also rely on testing and data analysis to ensure that our ideas will work in practice.

We never compromise on quality in pursuit of profit. We encourage our team members to express their opinions, share ideas, and propose solutions. However, we also understand the importance of efficiency and don't waste time discussing minor details that won't significantly affect the final product. Instead, we test our ideas rigorously and make data-driven decisions based on the results.

Our approach may not be conventional, but it works for us. We strive to create a work environment that fosters creativity, encourages innovation, and values quality above all else.

Chicken or egg?

The age-old question of whether the chicken or the egg came first may never be answered, but in April 2022, the Burny Games team released a new product called the Super Cooker. As we gradually developed this product, our CEO Anatolii Genis began researching and planning the development of a new idea. This idea eventually became a block-puzzle game which was later named Playdoku. Anatolii explained that the development of Playdoku was preceded by a phase of research, consisting of the search for a cool idea. We had already determined the core genre and model for game monetization. When these two key elements came together, we started working on the game.

"The idea was to diversify and produce a game different from Super Cooker's monetization model. We knew that if we created something excessively innovative, it would be difficult to determine whether the problem was in marketing or the product itself. Therefore, we decided to start with time-tested mechanics and focus on improving our marketing efforts. Once we saw that our product had good arrows, we made it more unique from other products on the market.”

Despite the existence of many successful and popular block puzzle games, the development team decided to enter the market and release a top game right away, by rethinking the core mechanics. Playdoku differs from traditional block-puzzle games in that it does not have the usual wooden elements or hints of active meditation throughout the game. Instead, the game features a pleasant green color that evokes the feeling of a pool table or a card games table, and an energetic yellow-gold shade for the puzzles. This creates a cozy and unique atmosphere that appeals to a broader audience.


During the development process, the team was faced with a challenging task of creating a product from scratch referring to both successful and unsuccessful examples in the market. After eight weeks of development, we launched the game. The developers worked on other projects as well, which slowed down the process a bit. The team spent more time improving the game based on first results. Game comments and statistics, gradually adding features to it.

Also, players took an active part into the development as well. Positive player feedback about the ad mini-game mode led to its inclusion in the game. So, the journey mode was introduced after a series of marketing creatives, which showed high player engagement. This decision was warmly received by the fans, and the game received excellent ratings and feedback. Our team and Playdoku was awarded the Best User Experience award at the 2023 App Summit by Google.

Burny Games's first award by Google
Igor Palchyk (COO Burny Games) and Alexis de Charentenay (Global Partnerships Director, Google) at AppSummit, Dublin, October 2023

The appearance of the game was another important aspect that required constant attention. Based on market research, we decided to use a combination of light and pleasant colors, modern design, and tactile elements to create a game that players would enjoy. The green color used in the game has a velvety texture that attracts the players. The gamut of green and yellow used in the game is soft and unobtrusive to the players, while all the accents are clearly visible.

The team's understanding of the market, rethinking of the game's mechanics and logic, and the unique design elements all contributed to the creation of a popular and successful game that was enjoyed by players all over the world.

Where is the money?

Anatolii believes that the monetization model we chose was underestimated and not very popular in the market. Despite this, our team decided to take a risk, and we do not regret it now. Burny were confident in the quality of Playdoku, which made players want to come back and play again, thus allowing them to show ads and make money from it. However, if the product is not very interesting and does not evoke many emotions, and there are a lot of ads, players will simply uninstall the app. The team behind Playdoku knew that the quality of their product would definitely outweigh any negativity from advertising.

Our team also approached marketing carefully. We searched for the best CTAs and creatives to engage players and maintain a balance between the sense of the game. We couldn't find an external expert to make an effective advertising pipeline for them, so our art director, Kris, headed the direction of creative production. Currently, we see that their advertising creatives are copied by large companies, which is a recognition of their success.


The Burny’s plans to develop Playdoku's content with new features and big events, adding more competitions between real players. We consider feedback from players extremely important because it affects the rest of their business processes. Our team plans to create a convenient platform for players to exchange opinions, which will be valuable for developers and give players an opportunity to participate in the development of their favorite Playdoku. The team focuses on the quality of game content, improvement of processes within the team, and in-depth expertise in key areas of work.

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