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How to Make a Top 10 Game and Win a Google Award: Insights from Burny Games

At Burny Games, we pride ourselves on being a world-class team that's always pushing boundaries. Our unique culture is our greatest strength: it's a blend of technical expertise, personal drive, problem-solving skills, and unmatched motivation.

Our mission at Burny Games is to create "top-notch innovative games that challenge players' minds daily"

We bring our “top-notch daily” or a first-class approach to everything we do. We're not content with tried-and-true solutions; we innovate in both game design and business strategy to always do better. Our products are captivating, and players consistently award us top ratings.

Our CEO Anatolii Henis and COO Igor Palchyk brought their vast game development experience to the table. They've made millions in the industry; now, they asked, "Why not a billion?"

They carefully studied the gaming market, honed in on a niche, and combined that insight with their passion to create a billion-dollar company. This ambitious goal requires bold ideas and an unwavering commitment to excellence in everyday work.

Anatolii's use of the term "top-notch" became a powerful motivator within the company, transforming it into a core part of our team philosophy.

The Burny Games Approach:

Our goal is to develop the best products on the market and become leaders in our niche. We achieve this by focusing on specific goals for individual projects. For example, in 2023, our game won a Google award for Best User Experience.

A vital part of our success lies in our distinctive company culture. Here are three key aspects:

Mild Eccentricity:

Our ambition was huge — a gaming powerhouse, not a timid startup. We tirelessly refined our strategy, seeking out the right people: driven, emotionally mature individuals ready to think differently. We wanted bold problem-solvers with high emotional intelligence — empathy, self-awareness, collaboration, and an unstoppable drive for growth.

This kind of talent thrives on challenge, a supportive environment, and the chance to constantly evolve. But what's with this "eccentricity" thing?

It's not about wild costumes in the office; it's about the fire in our people's eyes when they discuss their work. They're passionate about pushing boundaries, taking risks, and finding groundbreaking solutions. They'd rather chase a world-changing ambition than play it safe.

That fire is hard to quantify on a resume. So, the first step in our hiring process is getting to know the person behind the skills. We look beyond technical expertise to see if their approach to work, the market, and life aligns with ours. Shared values are even more crucial than a perfect skillset – we're always ready to train and share knowledge.


We've got our passionate, growth-minded specialist. Now what? They join a team that's equally fired up!

Every team member has a voice. We've seen new projects born from department heads' initiatives, killer features suggested by employees, and fascinating market insights from "non-technical" staff. This active participation fuels our entire team – it drives us to learn, grow, and excel. People who lack drive and curiosity simply can't thrive in this environment.

We keep communication transparent. Everyone knows the latest on our products, business goals, and key metrics. Weekly all-hands meetings with the CEO keep us aligned. Even more importantly, we know mistakes are part of growth. This creates a fantastic team atmosphere of shared responsibility, involvement, and trust.


Today, our game Playdoku ranks among the world's top 10 block puzzles, and it's ascended to the top 2 in the highly competitive Japanese market. The colorful puzzle game Colorwood Sort, released in 2024, has already hit the top 10 in the puzzle category in key markets and is rapidly gaining momentum. Could we have predicted this success when we launched amidst the turmoil in Kyiv in 2022? Absolutely! Our audacity was fueled by our clear vision.

This team thrives on experimentation – rethinking classics, applying AI to casual games, or pushing tech boundaries to enhance player experience. Burny Games doesn't just play the market; we aim to change the rules, setting new industry standards like an Olympic record-breaker.

Our people are our "spark" and we get a "top-notch" team as a result. We're committed to growing with quality, not just quantity, seeking talent that's both skilled and passionate about our mission.

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